All our cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s milk from Pierrepont Farm.

Due to the variety of cheeses and the maturing time of each one availability does vary. 


  • Tilston Blue: semi-hard blue cheese 

  • Blue Millie: medium to hard blue cheese

  • Millie: medium to hard cheese, similar to a Caerphilly 

  • Weywood: soft washed rind cheese washed in Green Farm cider

  • Colwey: fresh cheese with a lemony tang 

  • Tommie: an Alpine style cheese - seasonal 

  • Blackfriar: an Alpine style cheese, coated in grape pips and skins from the local Greyfriars vineyard - seasonal 

  • Alfred's Yellow Jersey: Dutch style cheese flavored with fenugreek seeds - seasonal


We may make seasonal cheeses and unique cheeses for special events, but the emphasis will always be on quality not quantity.