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John began the Cheese On The Wey journey in 2017. He has always had a passion for cheese and after discovering The Old Dairy at Pierrepont Farm, the idea that he could make a business out of this passion took root. He had the vision to turn the run-down old building into the basis for an artisan cheesemaking business using milk from the farm just 200 metres away.


John used his extensive knowledge in construction to complete the refurbishment of The Old Dairy and in the summer of 2020 was ready to open the doors and start selling cheese! 

The ethos is local sourcing, local production, and local supply whilst minimising any effect on the environment. Whatever we do affects the environment and cheesemaking is no exception, but John uses his experience in sustainable construction to reduce water, materials, and energy use to the minimum both in the building work and in the cheesemaking process.

We are open most days. You can watch cheese being made from our viewing area. For more information about us you can watch this video:

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